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Property Division Lawyer in Tyler, TX

We Defend Your Rights During Property Division

When a divorce happens, assets need to be split.

Sometimes, that goes well, and both spouses are on the same page. Other times that doesn’t happen, and things can get messy.

Mitch Adams works to find the most equitable solutions for all parties involved. If your spouse starts stonewalling, however, we will fight for you until the end. We will get you the best possible result that we can.

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We Stand by You When Assets are Being Divided

The process of asset division can be emotionally distressing, and our office is here to stand by you throughout the duration of it.

Establishing Property

Before anything can be divided, we need to establish what exists and who owns it. This step identifies all property that you and your spouse own, both jointly and separately.

Establish Communal Assets

We can’t distribute individual assets; however, we can distribute communal ones.

Community property can - depending on your situation - include:

Community property does not include anything owned prior to your marriage, any gifts, or any inheritance that goes solely to one spouse.

Determine the Overall Value of the Communal Property

After we’ve established communal assets, they must be valued. All things that are part of the communal assets are appraised so that an estate value can be determined.

Determine the Proper Division

The standard division in Texas is 50/50. However, some factors can change that distribution.

That division can change if one spouse:

The value of one spouse’s individual assets can also change the division.

Mitch Adams will help you determine how the property should be divided. If an agreement can be made outside of court, that’s always best.

If you need to go to court, Mitch Adams will fight for your best interests and outcomes.

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It may seem like the world is ending right now, but Mitch Adams can help you make sense of everything going on.

Mitch does his best to make sure equitable distribution of assets is achieved - if at all possible.

When you need help distributing your assets, contact Mitch Adams for help.

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