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Divorce Attorney in Tyler, TX

Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer in Tyler, TX?

Divorce cases are usually the most common reason to need a family lawyer.

Whether because of infidelity, monetary issues, or irreconcilable differences, you may find yourself in divorce proceedings.

No one ever expects to end up here, but Mitch Adams can work with you to make the process bearable. The ultimate goal is an amicable splitting of assets and custody, and we do our best to achieve that.

If your spouse is uncooperative, though, we will fight tirelessly for your best interests.

When you need an attorney in Tyler, TX, for your divorce case, trust Mitch Adams to care for you.

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What Are the Types of Divorce?

There are six types of divorce in the state of Texas. If you aren’t sure which is right for your situation, Mitch Adams can help you decide.

Fault Divorce

While not nearly as common as no-fault divorces, fault divorces do still happen.

In a fault divorce, one spouse alleges the other did something wrong, e.g., adultery or a felony conviction. The spouse accusing the other will then seek a fault divorce hearing, alleging the other committed an action that’s grounds for a fault divorce.

No-Fault Divorce

This is much more common than fault divorce at this point. No-fault divorces involve, as the name states, no specific fault on either spouse’s part.

Usually, in a no-fault divorce, the spouses have grown apart, and at least one spouse feels reconciliation is impossible to achieve.

If both spouses feel the same way, this becomes an uncontested divorce.

No-fault divorces are significantly speedier and more cost-effective than fault divorces. Usually, this is a more amicable process as well.

Default Divorce

If one spouse wants a divorce and the other does not, you may end up needing a default divorce.

Default divorces involve one spouse who desires a divorce and one spouse who refuses to respond, even after being served divorce papers.

Eventually, you can be divorced by default if your spouse refuses to sign the papers.

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Your Options for Resolution

Collaborative Law Process

This is similar to mediation, though it requires more steps. You won’t just have an arbiter in this process; you’ll also meet with outside professionals like financial planners and mental health counselors.

This process is completely confidential - none of the minutes kept can be used in court proceedings.


Litigation is the toughest of all divorces, but sometimes it’s the only option. If your spouse refuses to cooperate, you may end up in court going through litigation.

This is easily the rarest option of all. While litigation does happen, it’s only a last resort. Mitch Adams and the team here are adept at avoiding litigation and finding mutually beneficial compromises for both spouses.

Mediated Resolution

In a mediated resolution, the spouses have a neutral arbiter who will guide them both to a compromise on the splitting of their assets and the start of their new, separate lives.

While this can be ordered by the court, it can also be done willingly by the spouses.

If both spouses agree to a mediated resolution, this is usually the fastest, cheapest, and emotionally easiest way for the spouses to part ways.

Contact Mitch Adams to Help You With Your Divorce

While we can’t guarantee you’ll avoid trial, the likelihood is low.

With 25 years of experience, Mitch Adams knows how to help both spouses come together to get mutual compromises and the least emotionally distressing proceedings possible.

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