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No matter your relationship with your spouse, you want the best for your children. Mitch Adams is here to help you achieve that.

Our office will assist in every way possible to make sure your children get the best possible care throughout the duration of your divorce.

Mitch Adams helps you - and your spouse - find the best, most beneficial outcomes for your children. We will help you determine what custody arrangements are best.

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Types of Child Custody

For the most part, joint custody is the standard. It does tend to be the best for the child. However, that isn’t always the case.

If you aren’t sure which sort of custody is right for you and your family, Mitch Adams can help you decide which type to pursue.

Joint Custody

Joint custody agreements give both parents an equal say in how their children are raised. This is usually a more ideal and amicable way to split custody. Mitch Adams always tries to get you this sort of custody agreement whenever it’s prudent to do so.

Joint custody breaks down into one of four options:

  1. Parent collaboration. The two parents collaborate on all decisions whenever it is reasonably possible to do so. These sorts of decisions may include where a child goes to school or the large events and trips a child is allowed to participate in.
  2. Each parent makes choices when they have physical custody of the child. Parents make individual decisions when the child is at their house, and they may not have to consult the other parent on these decisions.
  3. Large decisions are shared, but small ones aren’t. For example, parents would agree on which school the child attends, and all small decisions will be made by each parent while they have physical custody of the child.
  4. Each parent gets their own domain. For example, one parent will decide where the child goes to school, and the other will decide what sort of part-time job their child is allowed to apply for.

Sole Custody

Sole custody is when one parent has complete custody of the child and total authority over the decisions made on the child’s behalf.

Sole custody tends to be a little more straightforward, though harder to establish.

Sole custody is rarer than joint custody. In cases like this, a judge must determine that joint custody would be detrimental to the child, and sole custody would be better.

Sole custody can be used in situations where one parent is abusive or otherwise unfit to care for the child and the child’s best interests.

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