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Child Support Attorney in Tyler, TX

We’ll Protect the Well-Being of Your Children

When it comes to the health and safety of your children, there’s no room to compromise.

The legal system is complex, though, and it’s tough for average people to understand what exactly they’re entitled to.

Mitch Adams will walk you through your options, so you can make sure your children get every bit of support that they need.

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The Basics of Child Support

What is Child Support?

Child support is money given to cover anything that aids in the raising of your child and provides for their daily necessities. This money allows for parity between both parents so the child will have the same quality of life, no matter whose house he’s in at the time.

What Does Child Support Cover?

Child support goes to all necessities like food, clothing, school supplies, fees for activities, and anything else your child needs for their everyday life.

Who Pays Child Support?

Generally, the parent who does not have primary custody of the child pays child support.

Usually - though not always - the mother has primary custody of the child, and the father pays child support and has visitation rights.

Can Child Support Agreements Change?

Yes, sometimes they can if your child’s needs change. For example, your child gets severely sick and needs greater care.

How Do I Enforce Child Support Agreements?

Mitch Adams can help you enforce existing child support agreements. If your co-parent isn’t providing proper child support, liens, seizures, and income withholding - among other things - are used to prompt the other parents to pay what they owe.

Can You Get Child Support Orders on Your Own?

Actually, yes. In the State of Texas, you can get child support payments started without a lawyer.

However, the likelihood of a successful child support petition is lower if you don’t use a professional child support lawyer.

Mitch Adams brings 25 years of experience helping families just like yours get their needs provided for. We fight to make sure your children have what they need.

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Your children’s well-being is of the utmost importance. We understand how serious this is for you and fight for the rights of you and your children.

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